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The Network for Educators and Health Professionals Inspires New Collaboration

The first network meeting for health professionals and teachers showed that it is important to share experiences with others. When Metropol shared its experiences of using health challenges in an interdisciplinary process at the network meeting, it inspired a new collaboration for students from the University of Copenhagen and University College Copenhagen (formerly Metropol).

In the late summer, CHI held its first event in the Network for Educators and Health Professionals. The network is a forum for exchange of experiences that will provide inspiration as to how to use concrete health challenges from practice as part of the teaching, ranging from health professional to technology and business-oriented subjects. The Network should therefore also help ensure that new collaborations between practice and teaching are established across the CHI partner circle.

At the first meeting, participants discussed how to work with health challenges that benefit both student learning and an innovative mindset, at the same time creating value for the place of practice. One of the speakers was Ditte Jakobsen, associate professor at University College Copenhagen, who spoke about the experiences of using health challenges at an interdisciplinary course with focus on people with cancer.

Inspired to Interdisciplinary Collaboration

In the audience was Anne Chrone from the School of Oral Health Care at the University of Copenhagen – and she was inspired.

”We talk a lot about interdisciplinary collaborations, not least because there are areas where it would be an advantage to develop or expand a cross-curricular collaboration. When I heard about Ditte’s experiences, I suddenly saw some opportunities”, says Anne Chrone, lecturer at the dental hygienist education.

She promptly asked Ditte Jakobsen if she could imagine collaboration across the two educational institutions, which she could indeed.

This meeting was the background for the establishment of a working group across the University of Copenhagen and University College Copenhagen which is now investigating if it is possible to create a joint day where students from dental hygienist programmes at the University of Copenhagen would work on a common challenge together with students from health and nutrition and occupational therapy at University College Copenhagen.

“It will make so much sense and add great value for our students if it is possible to do something across the various curricula. Increased knowledge of each other’s professions will help provide an overall understanding of the patients, and you will be able to utilise each other’s skills. It will help them look at the patient as a whole which will ultimately benefit the patient”, says Anne Chrone.

The Network Admits New Members

The Network for Educators and Health Professionals meets every six months to share experiences, inspire each other and establish new collaborations so that even more students may have an opportunity to work with specific challenges from the health sector in their education. All educators and health professionals who are interested in the field and would like to participate are welcome to join the network.

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