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Quality Assurance of Colonoscopy

A new study programme will increase the quality of colonoscopies undertaken to screen for bowel cancer. The programme certifies doctors and nurses and ensures that the procedure is safe and undertaken with great care.

Bowel cancer is one of the main forms of cancer found in Denmark, but there are good chances of recovery if the cancer is detected at an early stage. Therefore, all women and men aged 50-75 years have since 2014 been offered a bowel cancer screening. This means that in the years to come a much larger number of Danes will undergo colonoscopy. It is a complicated procedure, and there is a need for talented doctors to perform the procedure safely and carefully.

On that basis, CHI and Olympus A/S are developing a measuring device for evaluating the quality of colonoscopies performed. In addition, a study programme is being created to certify doctors to undertake the procedure.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Intelligent feedback for the performing doctor

    The measuring device gives the doctor feedback on how the examination is progressing and alerts him to stops and incipient loops.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Better training of doctors

    The measuring device makes it possible to identify doctors who would benefit from additional training. Therefore, a study programme based on simulation training is being developed, the aim of which will be to train and certify doctors in the procedure, increasing the quality of the procedure.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Knowledge and programme dissemination

    In time, the course may also be offered to colonoscopy nurses, just as knowledge from the project may be used prior to preliminary examinations and treatment of other bowel diseases.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Great growth potential

    The measuring device is expected to have great growth potential at international level.

Project period


Project partners

Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark and external partner Olympus A/S.


Hanne Meier, project consultant
/ +45 35 32 83 66


Funding from the Capital Region of Denmark’s Strategy for Regional Growth and Development (ReVUS).


Project participants

Lars Konge
Clinical professor

Cames, Capital Region of Denmark

Andreas Vilmann
Ph.d. student, doctor 

University of Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark

Rasmus Paulsen
Associate Professor

DTU Compute

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