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Introducing Health Challenges into Teaching

Concrete health challenges from practice is integrated into the teaching in relevant health and innovation programmes at Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Denmark and Metropolitan University College in order to strengthen the innovative mindset of students.

Copenhagen Health Innovation is developing teaching and educational elements, introducing concrete challenges from the healthcare system into relevant study programmes. This is done through courses that give educators tools and inspiration to combine health challenges with innovation and entrepreneurship in their teaching. The goal is to facilitate a form of teaching that is in touch with reality and prompts students to take an interdisciplinary, innovative approach. The challenges are developed in close collaboration with the Capital Region of Denmark and the City of Copenhagen and are incorporated into study programmes by dedicated employees at the partner institutions.

Programmes in which such challenges may be incorporated include, among others, traditional study programmes like Medicine and Nursing or interdisciplinary programmes like Medicine and Technology and Innovation in Healthcare.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    New perspective

    Working with these challenges the participants will be able to offer a new perspective on the challenges facing health professionals every day and thus contribute to the development of new procedures across professions and sections.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Strengthening the entrepreneurial mindset

    The students gain insight into the implementation of new ideas into practice, just as they acquire a more entrepreneurial mindset making them better equipped to face the future labour market.

Project period

September 2016-2019

Project partners

Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, University College Copenhagen, City of Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark


Lone Rådberg, Project consultant
/ +45 35 33 68 45


Growth Forum Copenhagen, Regionale Erhvervsudviklingsmidler and the European Social Fund.


Project participants

Nina Louise Fynbo Riis
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consultant

University of Copenhagen

Anette Vogelsang Rieva
Innovation Consultant

University College Copenhagen

Jakob Hildebrandt er innovationskonsulent på DTU

Jakob Hildebrandt Andersen
Innovation Consultant
Technical University of Denmark

Julia Willer Dallerup
Project manager

City of Copenhagen

Nina Marie Brocks
Innovation Consultant

Capital Region of Denmark

Mette Ernst
Innovation Consultant

University College Copenhagen

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