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Health Dialogue in the Social Media

Big data analysis of social media will give health professionals new tools for efficiently disseminating health information.

How can the healthcare system make sure that important health- and disease-related information in fact reaches the relevant citizens and is not lost in the great amount of information produced by the modern society? Copenhagen Health Innovation aims to answer this question by analysing how health information is communicated via the social media and how it affects citizens and patients.

By comparing data from health organisations’ Facebook and Twitter pages, e.g. media (text, photo or video), sender (official, employee or patient) and time, with the reactions of citizens, it is possible to develop a model for efficiently disseminating health information via the social media.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Dialogue can change behaviour

    The aim is to facilitate as much interaction as possible with the relevant citizens through dialogue on health issues. Encouraging citizens to change their behaviour is easier through dialogue, e.g. by giving them concrete tools for changing their eating habits.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Identifying patients at an earlier stage

    Using text analysis, the model will also try to determine whether the social media can be used to get into contact with citizens who show early signs of a disease.

  • sundhedsinnovation

    Training of health professionals

    Based on the model for health dialogue, new programmes will be developed for training health professionals to use the social media to create effective dialogue.

Project period


Project partners

Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen og Capital Region of Denmark.


Hanne Meier, project consultant
/ +45 35 32 83 66


Funding from the Capital Region of Denmark’s Strategy for Regional Growth and Development (ReVUS).


Project participants

Ravi Vatrapu

IT Management, Copenhagen Business School

Henning Langberg

Public Health, University of Copenhagen

Nadiya Straton
Ph.d. student 
IT Management, Copenhagen Business School

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