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Meet Tech4Health from Health Innovators

The four teams that have just completed the first Health Innovators course have experienced great development. Here is how the team Tech4Health developed its idea in the course of the 13-week process.

App to Determine the Risk of Complications from Medical Abortion

The team Tech4Health consists of Amani, a trained doctor and PhD student at the Department of Gynaecology at Rigshospitalet, Marianne and Anmoldeep, who both study Health Informatics at the University of Copenhagen, and Hadi from Biotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark.

They have used the course to further develop their idea, which aims to determine and reduce a woman’s risk of complications after a medical abortion. Based on research in medical abortions the team has produced an app which estimates the risk of complications in connection with a medical abortion, just as it can advise the doctor to keep a woman under observation if she e.g. experiences increased risk of bleeding.

The prototype of the app is ready, and Tech4Health is currently applying for permission from the Danish Data Protection Agency and the research ethics committees to test the app in clinical practice with a view to proving its functionality. ‘We just want to help a lot of women avoid complications. The app will be able to ensure that especially younger doctors have a strong basis for choosing the right form of abortion’, Amani said at the final pitch event.

The Road Ahead Has Been Mapped

The team’s supervisor, Innovation Consultant Werner Sperschneider from Metropolitan University College, stresses that the Tech4Health team has gone through a highly intense innovation process, which has clarified the solution’s clinical significance and its user-friendliness, just as the algorithm behind it has been developed and the business model has been clarified.

‘Like most innovation processes, there have been ups and downs. But it ended with great happiness and an implementation plan, so now the road ahead has been mapped. The health platform and IT systems of gynaecological specialists are waiting for the solution. The potential is enormous, there is no doubt about that’, he articulates.

Valuable Solution

Through Health Innovators the team has recently entered into dialogue with a potential buyer, who has shown great interest in the abortion app. The commercial perspective of the solution has not been a driving force for the team, though. Nevertheless, the supervisor of one of the other teams, Innovation Consultant Frank Ulrich from the Technical University of Denmark, stressed: ‘Your solution is worth far more than you think’. He advised the team to seek professional help to handle the sales process and IPR.

The activity is part of CHI-VEST, and is financed by:

Den Europæiske Socialfond