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Meet MEDrone from Health Innovators

The four teams that have just completed the first Health Innovators course have experienced great development. Here is how the team MEDrone developed its idea in the course of the 13-week process.

Drones for Transporting Tissue Samples

Thor, Frederik and Niels from the team MEDrone are studying Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management and Chemical and Biochemical Technology, respectively, at the Technical University of Denmark. Their first idea was to create a defibrillator drone. But early in the process the business case of the project turned out to be less profitable.

CHI’s Network Opened Up New Possibilities

Luckily their supervisor, Innovation Consultant Frank Ulrich, and Professor Henning Boje from Management Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, both of whom are affiliated to CHI, put the team in contact with Herlev and Gentofte Hospitals. The group therefore rethought its idea and shifted focus in the middle of the process. ‘If anything, our experience has shown that the contacts you establish through Health Innovators are profitable’, Frederik said at the final pitch event at Metropolitan University College.Facing

Challenges Now Will Make Things Easier Later

The team is now faced with seeking permission for their drone flights from the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority and with rendering probable the safety and stability of the flights. Their supervisor welcomes this challenge: ‘Facing these challenges early is positive, as it will make things easier for you when you need to further develop the business internationally. Changing focus was a good decision’, Frank Ulrich said.

The boys are also confident about the possibilities: ‘The tendency to use drone is increasing, and I think we will hit that wave perfectly’, Thor said.

The activity is part of CHI-VEST, and is financed by:

Den Europæiske Socialfond