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Meet Acumulus from Health Innovators

The four teams that have just completed the first Health Innovators course have experienced great development. Here is how the team Acumulus developed its idea in the course of the 13-week process.

Acumulus Is Developing a Diagnostic Tool

Troels, Kasper, Mark, Jakob and Johan are students at the University of Copenhagen (Medicine), CBS (International Business and Politics) and the Technical University of Denmark (Medicine and Technology), respectively. Together they make up the team Acumulus, which is one of the teams that have participated in Health Innovators during the spring of 2017.

Changed Focus

Acumulus started out with a solution, which, based on data on symptoms, tests and treatments, would be able to determine the relevancy of antibiotics treatment and thus, in the long run, reduce the number of cases of antibiotic resistance. However, the team’s initial survey showed a lack of solid data, as the doctors they talked to used different systems and their registration of the use of antibiotics was lacking. They realised that they first had to contribute to collecting the data they lacked, and so they got the idea of creating a diagnostic tool for general practitioners, which could systematise data on symptoms and treatment. At the same time, the tool would help the doctors streamline consultations.

The Potential Must Be Utilised

Acumulus is now developing a prototype, which will be tested by a couple of general practitioners, and they need to determine whether the project is even viable considering the protection of personal data. ‘The current development within big data, artificial intelligence and similar new technologies within a wide range of industries hold great potential – also within the health sector. We believe the technology is ready, and we hope to be able to tap into a relatively new and interesting market. So the potential is there, and the question is rather whether we will be able to penetrate the legally heavy market’, says Johan Bundgaard from Acumulus.

Strong-Willed Students

The team was supervised by CHI Innovation Consultant Nina Brocks from the Capital Region of Denmark. She is impressed with the students’ commitment after they had to change focus: ’I think we can learn a lot from the energy and will power of these students. To stop and change directions is a major decision, and the continued energy of the team is impressive!’ she says.

The activity is part of CHI-VEST, and is financed by:

Den Europæiske Socialfond