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SCIENCE Hub (UCPH) Student Hubs

Nørre Allé 63 | Copenhagen Ø, 2100

Students have access to counseling, sparring, networking, workshops and office space while developing good ideas.

Fruebjergvej 3 | Copenhagen Ø, 2100

Symbion is the largest office community in Denmark that rents offices and laboratories to entrepreneurs and business people.

The Health and Care Administration, the City of Copenhagen CHI Partners

Sjællandsgade 40 | Copenhagen N, 2200

This Administration is responsible for healthcare offers, offers to the elderly and nursing care offers to all Copenhageners. The City of Copenhagen is part of CHI.

SUND Hub (UCPH) Student Hubs

Nørre Allé 41 (the gate) | Copenhagen N, 2200

Students are helped to a good start with their health ideas by means of sparring, coaching and being part of the office community.

Njalsgade 76 | Copenhagen S , 2300

Office community for ambitious entrepreneurs with focus on communication, digital media, software and technology development.

DTU Skylab Student Hubs

DTU Skylab | Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

Innovation hub supporting innovation and entrepreneurship among students, e.g. by making 1500 m2 office and workshop facilities available at no charge.

Howitzvej 60, 1. floor | Frederiksberg, 2000

A modern co-working space for innovative entrepreneurs.

Teacher Network at UCPH Network for Innovation and Education

Innovation og Entreprenørskab, Københavns Universitet | Copenhagen K, 1017

The network is a hub for educators, consultants, researchers and others interested in innovation and entrepreneurship pedagogy at UCPH.

CBS Student & Innovation House Student Hubs

Howitzvej 30 | Frederiksberg, 2000

Student house with focus on creating innovative solutions to society challenges.

Diplomvej 381 | Kgs. Lyngby , 2800

A science park which rents offices, laboratories, prototype workshops etc. and which promotes entrepreneurial processes.

Innovation Network, the Capital Region of Denmark Network for Innovation and Education

Kgs. Vænge 2 | Hillerød, 3400

Network for employees which helps strengthen innovation competencies and increase knowledge sharing across regional hospitals, corporate centers and businesses.

Stardust DTU Student Hubs

Diplomvej | Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

Stardust DTU helps students to a good start with the development of business ideas by means of counseling, mentorships and the Startup Program.

Ole Maaløes Vej 3 | Copenhagen N, 2200

An ambitious greenhouse for future biotechnology successes.

Network for Public Innovation Managers – The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation Network for Innovation and Education

Købmagergade 22 | Copenhagen K, 1150

Network for innovation managers within the public sector.

Stardust CBS Student Hubs

Porcelænshaven 26, 2. floor | Frederiksberg, 2000

Stardust CBS is an incubator for student startups, providing entrepreneurial students a place to meet and learn from each other.

Vaeksthus Copenhagen Entrepreneurial Environments

Fruebjergvej 3 | Copenhagen Ø, 2100

Vaeksthus Copenhagen assists businesses in creating growth, export and jobs.

Fruebjergvej 3 | Copenhagen Ø, 2100

Accelerace offers business development with an international focus.

SUNDidea - Society for Medical Innovation (UCPH) Student Hubs

Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet ved Københavns Universitet | Copenhagen N, 2200

SUNDidea promotes health innovation and entrepreneurship among students at the Faculty of Health and Sciences (SUND) at the University of Copenhagen.

Pre-Seed Innovation Entrepreneurial Environments

Diplomvej 381 | Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

Pre-Seed Innovation is an innovation environment which invests in and assists talented entrepreneurs on behalf of the State.

Dissemination Network - COI Network for Innovation and Education

Købmagergade 22 | Copenhagen K, 1150

Network for innovators within the public sector, with focus on disseminating innovations.

REBBLS - Rising Entrepreneurs in BioBusiness and Life Science Student Hubs

Ole Måløes Vej 3 | Copenhagen N, 2200

REBBLS is a network which brings together talented bio entrepreneurs in Denmark.

Copenhagen Health Innovation – CHI Cluster Networks

Henrik Pontoppidans Vej 6, 2. floor | Copenhagen, 2200

A partnership between educational institutions and the healthcare sector which promotes health innovation through education and innovation projects.

NEIS – Network for Entrepreneurship Teachers Network for Innovation and Education

Porcelænshaven 7, 1. floor | Frederiksberg, 2000

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is a network which is open to everyone working with entrepreneurship and innovation in their teaching – including health innovation.

Synapse – Life Science Connect Student Hubs

UCPH Innovation Hub | Copenhagen Ø, 2100

Synapse creates events and networks for students and graduates within the biotech and healthcare sector.

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster – CHC Cluster Networks

Nørregade 7 B | Copenhagen K, 1165

CHC helps commercialize solutions to specific healthcare and welfare challenges which may increase the life quality for citizens, at the same time providing growth.

Copenhagen Science City Cluster Networks

Universitetsparken 1 | Copenhagen

Copenhagen Science City is an innovation district in the heart of the Danish capital.

DANSIC Danish Social Innovation Club Student Hubs

Krusågade 5, 3. tv | Copenhagen

DANSIC is a platform for social innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Medicon Valley Alliance Cluster Networks

Arne Jacobsens Allé 15, 2. floor | Copenhagen S, 2300

A Danish-Swedish network within life science.

Biopeople Cluster Networks

Universitetsparken 2 | København, 2100

Gate to Create Student Hubs

Porcelænshaven 26, 1. floor | Frederiksberg, 2000

Gate to Create brings together talented students from the Danish universities, inspiring them to entrepreneurship.

Copenhagen Center for Health Technology – Cachet Cluster Networks

DTU | Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

The focus of Cachet is the strengthening of interdisciplinary and cross-sectional research and development of personal health technology.

CAMES Rigshospitalet Test Environments

Frederiks V’s Vej 11 | Copenhagen Ø, 2100

CAMES is a hub for research, development and educational activities within medical and surgical simulation in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The Welfare Clinic, City of Copenhagen Test Environments

Nørre Allé 41 | Copenhagen N, 2200

Good ideas are realized by testing ideas and solutions in practice. The goal is the creation of good welfare technology solutions for citizens.

Copenhagen Health Innovation - Management CHI Partners

Henrik Pontoppidans Vej 6, 2. floor | Copenhagen, 2200

The secretariat for CHI which creates cohesion between partners and ensures the overall progress in accordance with the vision.

Practice- and Innovation House, University College Copenhagen Test Environments

Sigurdsgade 26, København N | Copenhagen N, 2200

Businesses and University College Copenhagen's students test and develop healthcare and welfare technologies and create a new innovative generation of healthcare workers.

CSE – Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CBS) Student Hubs

Porcelænshaven 26, 1st & 2nd floor | Frederiksberg C, 2000

CSE is an incubator which supports students from all over the world in developing their ideas for businesses.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the University of Copenhagen (UCPH SUND) CHI Partners

Blegdamsvej 3B | Copenhagen N, 2200

UCPH SUND creates new knowledge and awareness through core tasks such as research, education, knowledge sharing and communication. UCPH is part of CHI.

Welfare Tech Cluster Networks

Flæsketorvet 68 | Copenhagen, 1711

Welfare Tech is a Danish national cluster and hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, homecare and social services.

Living Lab Strandvejen Test Environments

Strandvejen 119 | Hellerup, 2900

At Living Lab Strandvejen, welfare technology is tested that benefits everyday life of the elderly and the staff.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School CHI Partners

Solbjerg Plads | Frederiksberg, 2000

CBS focusses on the creation of business relevant educations and continuing education programs, especially for the private sector. CBS is part of CHI.

Medical Business Association Student Hubs

University of Copenhagen Panum | Copenhagen, 2200

Medical Business Association is a student organisation that focuses on entrepreneurship as a career path for medical students.

The Innovation House Test Environments

Halmtorvet 27 | Copenhagen V, 1700

Various projects help develop offers and services within the Municipality of Copenhagen for the benefit of citizens and staff.

Anker Engelunds Vej 1 | Kgs. Lyngby, 2800

DTU focusses on education, research, research-based counseling and innovation. DTU is part of CHI.

META - the interdisciplinary Medical Technology Association Student Hubs

University of Copenhagen Panum | Copenhagen, 2200

META is a student organization at Panum.

Sund Vækst Huset Test Environments

Nørre Allé 41 | Copenhagen, 2200

Sund Vækst Huset is a hub for research and development activities within health innovation in Copenhagen.

Metropolitan University College CHI Partners

Tagensvej 18 | Copenhagen N, 2200

Metropolitan UC´s vision is to be an active co-creator and innovator within the community sectors that are comprised by their educational program. Metropolitan UC is part of CHI.

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