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Health Innovation in CHI

Health innovation is about merging knowledge, development and technological opportunities with practice in order to create better welfare and quality of life for patients and citizens. At CHI we do this by focussing on education.

In order to create health innovation through education, CHI matches the needs of the health and social care sectors with relevant study programmes. When students work with actual needs and challenges, they acquire innovation and entrepreneurship competences and gain more in-depth knowledge of the reality they will face after graduation. It will enable them to act innovatively and to help shape future health solutions. Depending on the programme, level and duration, the students can take an active part in the various process stages, where they can help to:

  • Identify needs and challenges in the health and social care sectors.
  • Develop ideas for solutions and interdisciplinary innovation projects.
  • Test ideas in close collaboration with practice.
  • Analyse solutions and create a basis for decisions on implementation.
  • Support implementation.

In addition to providing a new perspective and useful knowledge for the health and social care sectors, the students will be working with challenges that may be used as forerunners of pilot projects further qualifying innovation.

Cycle of health innovation

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