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Great Satisfaction among the Participants at the Conference

The participants were very pleased after the conference Innovation as a Driving Force in the Health Sector of the Future which CHI held together with CHC and CACHET. At the same time, they have provided some interesting feedback and wishes in the evaluation for the next conference.

Good and well organised with great input and presenters. Nice that the circle of participants covered such a broad area.

Super nice arrangement – professional and appetising.

Good conference that was unifying for the Copenhagen environment.

These were some of the statements by the participants in the evaluation of the conference. And in general, the participants were quite satisfied: 90.4% were overall satisfied or very satisfied with the events of the day.

Busy, but Popular Innovation Bazaar

The Innovation Bazaar, where 40 different companies, initiatives and projects were given an opportunity to pitch their ideas for smaller groups of participants, received praise from the participants despite some challenges, especially the big crowds. Here, the participants could hear pitches from four different initiatives. Among the initiatives were also CHI’s four student startups from the Health Innovators incubator programme, which provided a unique opportunity for pitching their ideas to relevant stakeholders from the health sector who welcomed the opportunity, and everyone returned home with new contacts to potential collaborations.

Great energy from many exciting and competent institutions, projects, persons.

Active User Involvement

However, the top scorer became the workshop the Art to Work with Practice Challenges in the Teaching, where 96% of the participants were satisfied or very satisfied. CHI’s innovation consultants, Nina Riis from UCPH SUND and Nina Brocks from the Capital Region, facilitated the workshop, focusing on getting input from the participants as to how we can get better at collaborating between education and practice. They saw that the participants contributed eagerly with suggestions and experiences.

Comments from some of the participants:

This workshop functioned really well! Here you had an opportunity to actively participate. I could have used more time.

Very useful and applicable in other contexts.

Such user involvement was something that was generally sought after in the remaining part of the conference:

Why not activate your participants even more – give them a ten-minute pitch and get them to work on the solution of a challenge. The Innovation Bazaar was nice. I participated in the pitch from BørneRiget, where we were asked a question that we needed help them solve – it was really good to be involved.

Good Ideas for New Themes

In addition, the participants would like to go more in depth with concrete initiatives that may illustrate what is needed in order to succeed in cross-sectoral innovation collaboration.

Perhaps a theme consisting of innovation cases where entrepreneurs/innovators talk about their process and share knowledge and experience about the process.

The participants have also suggested a lot of exciting themes that they would like to see included at the conference next year.

“It’s overwhelming with the dedicated and good input the participants are providing in the evaluation. We really appreciate that! We will consider the many good ideas and the general feedback when we arrange the conference next time, so we can make sure that just as many committed participants want to contribute at another time”, says Anette Birck, CEO of CHI.

We will host the conference again 13 November 2018.

Materials and films from the conference

See materials here (in Danish)
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