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For Students

Do you have a great idea? Join Health Innovators

Health Innovators is an incubator course for student teams working with health innovation. The course gives you and your team tools and counselling to turn your idea into reality.

Health Innovators is aimed at interdisciplinary student teams working on a great idea to solve a health challenge. During the 10 week course your team has the opportunity to further develop your idea.

You get:

  • Expert counselling
  • Knowledge about health innovation
  • Network
  • Business development
  • and more
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Overview of Study Programmes Within Health Innovation

Find Funding for Your Idea

Do you have a good idea for solving a health challenge, but you need funding to develop the solution? Many public and private foundations support the development of good ideas into good business. We have compiled a list of some of the relevant funds here.

Get help developing your idea

Hubs and networks

You can get support for the development of an idea through student hubs and associations. Get an overview of networks and student hubs here.

Find ecosystem here

Funding for your idea

We’ve gathered some of the relevant opportunities to find investment for your idea.

Find funding here