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For Educators 

Teach Health Innovation

Copenhagen Health Innovation focuses on creating a framework for combining health, innovation and entrepreneurship in education across CHI’s partners. The partnership does this by identifying health challenges in practice (the Capital Region of Denmark and the City of Copenhagen) and transforming them so they can be used in teaching.

Introduce health challenges into your teaching

If you want to work with health challenges in your teaching, contact your local innovation consultant and learn more about the possibilities. Additionally, you can sign up for NSU – the Network for Health Professionals and Teachers, where you have the opportunity twice a year to be inspired to work with challenges in your teaching and at the same time expand your network to the healthcare sector.

Read more about NSU

University of Copenhagen

Nina Riis


University College Copenhagen

Anette Vogelsang Rieva



Jakob Hildebrandt er innovationskonsulent på DTU

Jakob Hildebrandt Andersen


Tools for I&E teaching

Find useful tools and inspiration for introducing innovation and entrepreneurship into your teaching.

Networks for educators

Individuals teaching innovation and entrepreneurship can find inspiration and exchange experiences through existing educator networks:

Den Europæiske Socialfond