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Health Challenges in Education

When CHI works to create a better connection between theory and practice, we do this by introducing specific health challenges in the education so that students encounter and understand the reality in the health sector, already while they are studying.

This is similar to case work, but CHI’s approach is different. The challenges are very concrete and identified in either the Capital Region or the Municipality of Copenhagen, and there is no known solution. It is thus about giving the students a unique opportunity to work on problem solutions by bringing their professions into play in real life. The process they go through and their ideas for solutions are shared with the health sector, providing a new perspective to the challenges and possible solutions for their continued work. In this way, the collaboration adds value for both the students and the health care sector.

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Read how we work specifically to integrate concrete health challenges into the teaching at DTU, CBS, the University of Copenhagen and University College Copenhagen:

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