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Annual Report 2018 SEE THE ANNUAL REPORT In 2018, CHI strove to strengthen cooperation across education and health, as cooperation provides the best framework for giving students the competences required in the future health sector. Kickstart your idea with Health Innovators BECOME A HEALTH INNOVATOR Join the incubator course and get tools and counselling to turn your idea into business. Teach Health Innovation SEE COURSES AND TOOLS Join our course for educators and get tools and inspiration for combining health, innovation and entrepreneurship in your teaching. Get a new perspective on a health challenge SEE MORE ABOUT CHALLENGES Let students work with a health challenge from practice and get a valuable new perspective on your challenge.

Meeting place across sectors

CHI is a strategic partnership established in 2016 to strengthen the local ecosystem within health innovation and education.

We bring together the capital’s largest health care providers with the strongest knowledge and educational institutions within health science, health care, technology, innovation and management:


Become a Health Innovator

Students. Join our incubator programme for students and make your idea in health innovation become reality.

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Health challenges in teaching

Use challenges from practice to create an inspirational real-world education.


Strong in innovation? 

Use health challenges from practice in your teaching. It creates a better understanding of practice.


Strong in health?

Integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into your teaching and make the students more innovative.


From expert to facilitator

Incorporate a specific health challenge into your own course, and become prepared for your new role as facilitator.


Strengthen student skills

Professionalism is brought into play in practical problem solving which strengthens the interdisciplinary skills of the students.

Teach Health Innovation

Educators. Get inspiration for combining health, innovation and entrepreneurship in your teaching. Join our course in health innovation and entrepreneurship for educators and get tools to incorporate actual challenges from the health sector in your courses.

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Projects ensuring Health Innovation through Education

CHI drives projects that in different ways aim at strengthening the innovative competencies and entrepreneurial mindset among students, educators and health professionals:

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