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Characteristics of the Danish Healthcare System

13. juni 2017 - 14. juni 2017


Expert lectures on factors affecting innovation in the Danish Healthcare System  

In these expert lectures, Copenhagen Health Innovation will provide an overview of some of the key factors affecting innovation in the Danish Healthcare System in order to create solutions for tomorrow, linking health, entrepreneurship and innovation for the benefit of patients and society. By focusing on information systems, patient care paths, incentive structures and the challenges of innovation, the lectures will seek to provide educators with an overview of the main characteristics of the Danish healthcare systems with special emphasis on factors that are important for creating, testing and implementing innovative designs, interventions and service solutions.

Program 13 June, 12:00-15:00 at CBS

Download full program 13 June

Lecture 1: Challenges to innovation


Speaker: Inge Kristensen, CEO at Danish Society for Patient Safety

What are the challenges and possibilities for innovating within the Danish Healthcare system? The presentation will include a health care view on innovation, structural and social barriers, enablers of innovation and examples.

Lecture 2: Sector transitions, patient care paths and continuity of care

Helle Høstrup

Speakers: Marie Schultz and Helle Høstrup, Coordination Consultants at Rigshospitalet

The Danish public healthcare system is widely known for providing equal and free of charge healthcare services and hospital treatment for all citizens. Throughout the system, great efforts are put into standardizing clinical, administrative and para-clinical workflows aiming to ensure high standard and efficient patient pathways. This entails a growing demand for coordination in order to overcome the complexity and challenges of cross collab- oration between diverse organizations on both political and practical level. The lecture will focus on patient transitions across sectors, care packages and the socio-technical infrastruc- tures and processes that support the continuity of care.

Lecture 3: Stories on innovation in the Danish Healthcare System – Lessons learned


Speaker:  Jakob Bardram, Director of CACHET, Professor at DTU

This lecture will provide two case stories on i-based innovation in health technology from which useful lessons will be drawn and discussed.

Program 14 June, 11:00-14:00 at DTU

Download full program 14 June

Lecture 4: Incentive structures and performance measures and management


Speaker: Professor Jakob Kjellberg, Program Manager for Health at KORA

This presentation will focus on incentive structures, reimbursement issues and related performance assessment.

Lecture 5: Overall set-up of the Danish healthcare system


Speaker: Hjalte Aaberg, Regional Chief Executive at Capital Region of Denmark

The lecture will introduce you to the Danish healthcare system. It will provide the participants with a short historic overview of the recent major structural and organisational reforms in the healthcare sector, discuss the interplay between the different stakeholders relevant for the sector and highlight the future perspectives for the health care sector and how this development affect healthcare professionals and patients.

Lecture 6: Information systems in the Danish healthcare system


Speaker: Mette Harbo, CIO, City of Copenhagen Health and Care Administration

The lecture will introduce you to information systems in the Danish healthcare system from the point of view of the municipality of Copenhagen. It will provide the participants with an understanding of the digital information systems used in the Danish Healthcare sector, the political vision and framework for digitalization, utilization of the new electronic healthcare records, and benefits and challenges for the healthcare professionals and the citizens.


13. juni 2017
14. juni 2017



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