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NSU – Network for Health Professionals and Educators

Collaboration on Health Innovation in Education

CHI’s Network for Health Professionals and Educators will make it easy to collaborate on incorporating health challenges in education. It makes great value to let students work with health challenges.

This work is supported by the network by creating meetings twice a year between health professionals and educators, where the focus is on facilitating experience exchange and inspiring how health challenges can be better integrated into education.

The network meets again 28 February 2018

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Health Professionals

–   get a valuable perspective on their challenge that can inspire the continued work.

–   gain access to networks, knowledge and inspiration from the universities’ research environments.


–   will be able to create highly motivating and realistic education.

–   get engaged students.

–   establishes networks for both public and private companies.


–   are motivated by using their professional skills to solve authentic problems.

–   get unique experience and increased awareness of what they can achieve with their professionalism.

–   develop their innovative and entrepreneurial mindset so that they are ready to develop tomorrow’s healthcare solutions.

Become a part of the network

If you want to be part of the network and ensure you are invited to the events, sign up here:

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