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Prozense til Health Innovators finalen december 2017
Health Innovators mærket


Every semester several teams are selected for the incubator course, where they get counselling, insights in the healtcare sector and develop their idea through the 10 week course.

Meet the former participants here:

Fall 2017

CAICU – Communication aid for intensive care units

CAICU fra Health Innovators

Jacob Overbye Brodal, Design and Innovation, DTU
Arendse Moesgaard Pedersen, Design and Innovation, DTU

The idea
CAICU is a new means of communication that patients in the respirator can operate using the head movement. It consists of an application for a tablet that contains relevant symbols and phrases, a call and a range of selected games designed to offer brain training.

Read more about CAICU’s idea and development.

Prozense – Intelligent mask relieving anxiety

Prozense fra Health Innovators

Nikolaj Bech Andersen, Process and Innovation, DTU
Hans Kristian Krogshede, Process and Innovation, DTU

The idea
Prozense is developing an intelligent mask and mobile application that helps people with anxiety disorder to relieve their anxiety by utilizing lights, music, and existing cognitive tools in a digital format provided in private surroundings.

Read more about Prozense’s idea and development.

Tiberius Diagnostics – Home test for chlamydia

Tiberius Diagnostics fra Health Innovators

Jakob Holst, Mechanical Engineering, DTU
Jonathan Andersen, Biotechnology, UCPH

The idea
In the United States, England and Scandinavia, there are up to 200,000 young women who get severe complications of untreated chlamydia every year. At Tiberius Diagnostics we develop a chlamydia test that can be easily taken at home, with the vision that the test should be used for annual national screenings of young women to prevent the development of follow-up diseases and to slow down the spread of chlamydia.

Read more about Tiberius Diagnostics’ idea and development.

IRIS – Psychology students in psychiatry

IRIS fra Health Innovators

Amalie Sindberg, Psychology, KU
Benedikte Finken, Psychology, KU

The idea
Inspired by the Association of Danish Doctoral Students (FADL), an association is formed with the associated temp agency for psychology students for manning shifts in psychiatry. IRIS makes it easy for psychiatric departments to use qualified psychology students to solve tasks like observation and conversing with patients.

Read more about IRIS’ idea and development.

Spring 2017

Tech4Health: App for optimization of medical abortions


Marianne, Sundhed & Informatik, UCPH
Amani, Medical Science, UCPH
Hadi, Biotechnology, DTU
Anmoldeep, Sundhed & Informatik, UCPH

The idea
Tech4Health has utilized Health Innovators to further develop their idea aimed at assessing and reducing a woman’s risk of complications following a medical abortion. Based on research in medical abortions, the team has made an app that estimates the risk of complication with the medical abortion, as well as advising the doctor to hold the woman for observation if, for example, there is an increased risk of bleeding.

See more about Tech4Health’s development in Health Innovators.

MEDrone: Drones for transporting tissue samples


Thor, Mechanical Engineering, DTU
Frederik, Engineering Management, DTU
Niels, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, DTU

The idea
MEDrone started out with an idea of making a defibrillator drone. But early in the process it turned out that the business case in the project wasn’t profitable. Through Health Innovators, they came in contact with Herlev and Gentofte Hospital. The hospital had a problem with transport of tissue samples that could be remedied by drones. The group therefore reconsidered their idea and shifted focus.

See more about MEDrone’s development in Health Innovators.

DiagNovus: Over the counter test for chlamydia


Jannik, Biology-Biotechnology, UCPH
Philip, Biology-Biotechnology, UCPH
Emil, Biology-Biotechnology, UCPH

The idea
DiagNovus originally thought that they could develop a test that would work like a pregnancy test. But it turned out not to be possible, because there is not enough cellular material present in the body to detect the disease from a relatively small amount of urine on a test stick. Therefore, the team had to change their technology solution along the way. DiagNovus has now developed a new method which we obviously can not reveal, but the method has the potential to detect even a small amount of chlamydia in the urine.

See more about DiagNovus’ development in Health Innovators.

Acumulus: Diagnostic tool for general practitioners

Acumulus fra Health Innovators

Troels, Medical science, UCPH
Kasper, International Business & Politics, CBS
Jakob, Medicine and Technology, DTU/UCPH
Mark, Medical science, UCPH
Johan, Medical science, UCPH

The idea
Acumulus started with a solution that, based on data on symptoms, tests and treatment, should assess when it is relevant to use antibiotics for treatment and thus reduce antibiotic resistance. But there was no solid data to build on, so they changes their focus to making a diagnostic tool for the GPs which can systematize data on symptoms and treatment. 

See more about Acumulus’ development in Health Innovators.

Contact for more information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your local innovation consultant here:

University of Copenhagen

Nina Louise Fynbo Riis

Nina Riis

Metropolitan University College


Werner Sperschneider



Katla Ran Sturludottir



Frank Ulrich

Health Innovators is created by Copenhagen Health Innovation – a collaboration between Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, Metropolitan University College, the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark aimed at promoting health innovation through education.

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