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Health Innovators

An incubator course for student teams working with health innovation

Next programme: 12 October – 14 December 2017 (apply from August)

Info meeting and matchmaking: 20 June


Turn your idea into a business

Do you have a brilliant idea within health innovation? Join Health Innovators and get tools and counselling to turn your idea into a business plan and a company.

Health Innovators is an incubator course for interdisciplinary student teams working on a great idea to solve a health challenge. During the 10 week course your team has the opportunity to further develop your idea.

The couse offers

  • Counselling from experts within research and innovation
  • Insight into value creation and innovation in the health sector
  • Networking and office space
  • Business development

After 10 weeks, the team’s idea will be so well-developed that you are ready to set up a business or to proceed in an accelerator course.

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Info meeting and matchmaking 20 June

Do you want to be a part of Health Innovators? Join the info meeting 20 June at 4-6pm at CBS and

  • hear more about the incubator course
  • meet previous participants
  • join the matchmaking and find either an idea or members for your team

You can also find team members in the Health Innovators Facebook group.

The Programme

The Health Innovators programme is unique due to its dedicated health professional focus. The conditions for innovation in the healthcare sector are unique and thus require solid knowledge of the system, the professional communities and the implementation challenges often found here.

Expert guidance

Ekspertrådgivning til Health Innovators

Unique to the programme is that advisers are assigned to each team, focussing exclusively on your idea and challenges. Advisers include:

  • Researchers from the academic environment in question, who help to ensure that the academic level of the idea is high enough to attract the attention of potential investors and buyers.
  • Business advisers from the student incubators, who assist in the development of business models.
  • Advisors from the industry and innovation environment, who help to clarify investor opportunities and increase in value.

The advisers are selected on the basis of the ideas of the individual teams, which ensures specific and focussed sparring and the greatest possible value. Such guidance is vital to the progress of the development of the idea.

Motivating workshops

Workshop om innovation i sundhedssektoren

Every other week the selected teams meet for joint sessions, where experts from CHI’s partner organisations and the innovation environment give inspiring talks on innovation in the healthcare sector. Through talks and workshops each team gains solid insight into health innovation, which will function as a basis for their continued work on the idea.

The joint sessions will in the fall take place every other Thursday at 16:00-18:00, followed by sandwiches and networking.

Themes for the workshops are:

  • Innovation in the healthcare sector
  • Cooperation across the public health system and team collaboration
  • Rights and IPR
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation and challenges
  • The Future
  • Final presentation

Team work

Health Innovators team

The main effort is undertaken in-between sessions and guidance, where each team works with various tools helping you focus on the development of your idea.

Participants can expect a workload of 6-10 hours a week.

Office facilities

During the programme each team will get access to office facilities and meeting rooms. The teams can also use these facilities for sparing with each other.

Health Innovators is an extracurricular activity and is therefore not ECTS credit-bearing.

Does Your Team Have a Good Idea?

Health Innovators runs next from 12 October to 14 December 2017. Apply from August.

In order to be admitted to the programme, teams of 2-5 students must submit a letter of motivation describing their idea. Teams consisting of students from more than one of the four institutions of higher education are prioritised.

Read the admission requirements closely, and apply below.

Admission requirements

  1. Only teams of 2-5 students can apply. Individuals cannot apply for admission.
  2. Teams must consist of students from Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and/or Metropolitan University College.
  3. Ideas which at the start of the Health Innovators programme have a CVR number, do not qualify for the programme.

Students from the individual institutions of higher education must meet the following specific requirements:

  • Copenhagen Business School: must have worked with business plans/models, just as experience with health innovation is an advantage.
  • Metropolitan University College: must have practical healthcare experience, just as experience with health innovation is an advantage.
  • University of Copenhagen: must have a background in health and medical science and experience with working in clinics and laboratories, just as experience with health innovation is an advantage.
  • Technical University of Denmark: must have a technical background, just as product and process experience and experience with health innovation are an advantage.

Teams consisting of students from more than one of the four institutions of higher education are given priority in the selection phase.


We open for applications in August.

PLEASE NOTE: Teams applying for the Health Innovators programme commit themselves to participating in the seven joint sessions, guidance sessions and to solving the tasks set by the advisers.

Health Innovators mærke

Important dates

Fall 2017

  • 20 June: Info meeting and matchmaking event
  • August: Application for Health Innovators opens
  • 15 September: Deadline for applications
  • 21 September: Interviews with applicants
  • 12 October: Health Innovators start-up
  • 14 December: Health Innovators ends

Spring 2018

  • 1 February: Deadline for applications
  • 1 March: Health Innovators start-up

Contact for more information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your local innovation consultant here:

University of Copenhagen

Nina Louise Fynbo Riis

Metropolitan University College

Werner Sperschneider


Katla Ran Sturludottir


Frank Ulrich

Health Innovators is created by Copenhagen Health Innovation – a collaboration between Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, Metropolitan University College, the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark aimed at promoting health innovation through education.