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Kickstart your idea with

Health Innovators

Next course runs: 1 March – 10 May 2019
Deadline for applications: 3 February

Health Innovators offers a 10 week incubator course for students

Do you have a brilliant idea within health innovation? Join Health Innovators and get tools and counselling to turn your idea into reality.

Health Innovators is an incubator course for interdisciplinary student teams working on a great idea to solve a health challenge. During the 10 week course your team has the opportunity to further develop your idea.

Join Health Innovators and get:


from experts within research and innovation


within the health care sector


about innovation, the health care sector, prototyping, IPR and more


of your business idea

Office space

in entrepreneurial environment

The programme for spring 2019

  • HI-ikon-æble

    2/3: Gamestorming ideas - all-day BootCamp

    This workshop is about clarifying the purpose of your idea and identify new value in it. We will gamestorm your ideas on an all-day Boot Camp to help you improve your existing work.

  • null

    7/3: Healthcare Market and its conditions

    This workshop focuses on the healthcare market, its organisation, regulatory procedures, legislation, purchasing and tender, and other factors you need to be aware about when you try to navigate in it, e.g. CE marking, Intellectual Property Rights, GDPR, etc.

  • ikon-HI

    21/3: Proof of idea, proof of concept and value proposition

    In this workshop you will learn about important process steps Proof of Idea and Proof of Concept. And, you will learn how to understand your customers with Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Canvas.

  • null

    4/4: How to create value for your business idea

    This workshop is about value creation for your future business. We build on your knowledge acquired in the idea valuation process to identify how to create value for your own business. Starting out with a hands-on introduction to business model creation, creating value for customers, and how to gain a business advantage over competitors.

  • null

    18/4: How to fund your innovation start-up business

    This workshop focuses on how to run a Lean Start-up, how to follow the Build – Measure – Learn model, and quickly get experiences from your market. You will learn also about how to raise funding for your startup.

  • null

    2/5: Learn how to sell your great idea

    This workshop will help you pitch your business idea effectively to potential investors and customers. You will get valuable communication tools to promote your business proposal better in both oral and written form, and by using social media.

  • null

    9/5: Open slot

    This last session before pitching day is open to clarify missing links. You will decide what topics we will focus on.

  • null

    16/5: Pitching to a high-level panel of innovation experts

    In this final session you will pitch your business idea in front of an expert panel and get valuable feedback.

See the introduction to Health Innovators here:

Health Innovators is an extracurricular activity and is therefore not ECTS credit-bearing.

Who can apply?

All three criteria must be met:

  • Students from University of Copenhagen, University College Copenhagen and DTU
  • Teams of 2-5 people
  • No CVR: The idea must not be associated with a CVR number at the start of Health Innovators

Application deadline: 3 February, 23:59

Health Innovators runs March to May

Need a team?

Do you want to be a part of Health Innovators, but lack a team or an idea? Join the matchmaking group on Facebook.

  • meet other students with entrepreneurial aspirations
  • try to match up with others and apply for Health Innovators

Former participants say:

Health Innovators Amani

"If it hadn’t been for Health Innovators – we wouldn’t be standing here today with an almost fully developed product."

Amalie Fra IRIS

“We have been given a roadmap that allows us to develop IRIS. And we have been held by the hand in relation to a startup of this business. We are quite sure that we would not have gotten as far if we had not joined Health Innovators.”

Jacob Fra CAICU

"We’ve had a lot of thoughts about what we should do – but being in a structured course has ensured we kept going. "

Health Innovators Emil

"The competent and kind mentors have helped us moving forward and supported our idea. The course provides great knowledge and gives numerous contacts."

Nikolaj Fra Prozense

"We have had several meetings with our adviser who has introduced us to a lot of great people. It has been very nice because we’ve been offered ideas and new ways of thinking. Network means everything!"


Contact for more information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your local innovation consultant here:

University of Copenhagen

Nina Riis

University College Copenhagen

Werner Sperschneider


Frank Ulrich

Health Innovators is created by Copenhagen Health Innovation – a collaboration between Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, University College Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark aimed at promoting health innovation through education.