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For Educators 

Teach Health Innovation

Copenhagen Health Innovation focusses on creating a framework for combining health, innovation and entrepreneurship in education across CHI’s partners. The partnership does this by identifying health challenges in practice (the Capital Region of Denmark and the City of Copenhagen) and transforming them so they can be used in teaching.

Introduce health challenges into your teaching

In order to successfully make health challenges a part of existing study programmes and courses we offer dedicated courses to educators at Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Denmark and the Metropolitan University College. Here they will get the tools and inspiration to make their study programmes and courses even more attractive and innovative. By incorporating health professional knowledge into existing courses focussing on innovation and entrepreneurship and by introducing innovation and entrepreneurship into study programmes within the health and medical sciences we are able to promote a form of teaching that is in touch with reality and enables the students to undertake interdisciplinary, innovative work within healthcare.

The course kicked off with a pilot in December 2016 and is deployed in full in the course of 2017.

Tools for I&E teaching

Find useful tools and inspiration for introducing innovation and entrepreneurship into your teaching.

Networks for educators

Individuals teaching innovation and entrepreneurship can find inspiration and exchange experiences through existing educator networks: